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Meeting the Challenge: Composting Adoption & Transformation
1. Increase home & community composting adoption (EMplify / Cutco)

2. Research "smart composting" innovation and AgriTech (Bioinformatics / Accelerants)

(EMplify / Cutco)h innovati
Greater and Greener Global Food Production

Please take a step with Daniel, Lucas, Sharon, Zakhar, and Profi William


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Research Questions: How to grow more food with less environmental impact?
1. Confirm Amel et al: "Psychological tools for collective action"? (SME Interviews)
2. Is
landfill methane from kitchen scraps a real problem? Credible sources? (GPT)
3. How to scale home solution? (EMplify / Cutco: containers & service) Policy: (Montana ruling / NYC compost mandate)
4. Establish community micro compost sites / reverse pick-up service? (
5. Regional best practices and differences? Buffett+ Social Influencer composters? (1%>>>1%)
6. Industrial fertilizer / pesticide / herbicide / water reduction? (OurCrowd: BetterSeeds / CropX)
7.  Disrupt the OIC (Organic-Industrial Complex)?
Black gold? PAS 100 contaminant free? (Home Depot)
8. "Smart Composting" processes and technologies? (Bioinformatic Sensors / Accelerants) 
9.  Kitchen Compost
Compact Design? Charcoal? Kickstarter? Recipe: art & science?
10. Risk management: cost of equipment, treatment period, final use, odors & dust....
11. Opportunities for Export & Partnership? (UAE)
            Home / Community / Industry
                    Labs From Kitchen to HaverFarm Victory Garden to Fazenda Tres Rios 

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“Designer compost” has become the “latest luxury must-have”, said The Times. A rise in DIY gardening and growing environmental awareness are “fuelling demand for top-notch compost” and producers are feeding farmyard animals with organic fruits and vegetables to ensure the muck they produce is of the highest quality. One said “it’s like making wine, although making wine seems very glamorous, and making compost is very unglamorous”, so “maybe it’s like making yoghurt”.

Research Spokes:

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Thank You:
Professors Huang & Opatska
Van Alst Family/ Newman's Own
Wharton Interactive / Khan Academy

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Shani Scharfstein Wangenheim
Sivan Ya'ari
Ronald Lauder and Henry J. Charrabe
Jeffrey Swartz
Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Prof. Jerry Wind, Prof. Ezekiel Emanuel,  and Prof. David J. Reibstein
Stephen Schork and Prof. Adi Wyner
Andrew Heyer
Amir Becker
Prof. Rebecca Stein
Prof. Ron Berman
Dr. Einat Zisman
James Hahn
Yaron Talpaz and Uri Barnea
Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook
Noah and Rae Bernamoff
Student Leaders
Tamar Many and Dr. Tracy Steen
Dr. Rivka Riven Kreitman
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