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Joel Beckerman, Founder and Lead Composer, Man Made Music,

Author, The Sonic Boom: How Sound Transforms the Way We Think, Feel, and Buy

Improving the world

Helping us understand the power of sound on psychology 





New Providence, New Jersey


The Sound of Nations: How Anthems Redefine Borders and United People

Sound is the glue that holds nations and cultures together, especially newly formed, recently united or divided nations or cultures. Whether it’s the wordless national anthem of Kosovo or the Grateful Dead’s post-hippy rock that defined the jam generation, anthems can help solidify the idea of a nation even when it’s not a geographic one.


Behemoth Spanish-Language broadcast channel Univision used sound to seize just such an opportunity. Its audience is a rapidly growing demographic of Americans who, according to Pew Research, represent an entire emerging middle class. Generically grouped as “Hispanics” or “Latinos,” they actually come from several parts of the world. Our team at Man Made Music, along with branding experts and Univision’s lead marketing execs, created the sonic strategy that would put the network and the company behind it at the center of this movement.

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The Sonic Boom: How Sound Transforms the Way We Think, Feel, and Buy


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A surprising look at the hidden power of sound, revealing how people and brands can use it to inspire and persuade — or annoy.


From horror movie scores to national anthems to the crunchy sound of potato chips, sound and music greatly impact how we feel about our lives and the messages and products we encounter every day. With the right tools and understanding, anyone can cut through the meaningless noise competing for our attention and learn to use sound as a rich storytelling strategy.


You don't need to be a musician or a composer to harness the power of sound. Joel Beckerman explains how companies, brands, and individuals can strategically use sound to get to the core of their mission, influence how they're perceived by their audiences, and gain a competitive advantage. The key to these sonic strategies involves creating "boom moments" — transcendent instants when sound connects with a listener's emotional core.

About Joel

Joel has, with his team, created original scores for over 50 television series and specials, including the Super Bowl on NBC, “Entertainment Tonight,” ESPN Film’s “30 for 30,” and “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.” His work can be found across most major networks including HBO, FX, NBC and A&E and he has been named one of ASCAP’s “Most Performed” theme composers for the past eight years.

By translating brand strategy into sonic strategy, he and his company have developed unique and signature sonic branding programs for global giants such as Disney, Mercedes, AT&T, and Southwest Airlines. Fast Company also featured Man Made Music on their list of “Most Innovative” companies in music.

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