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OCTOBER 20, 2015

Suceso Minas is the most important ICT organization in the state of Minas Gerais, the second largest economy in Brasil.


Established 48 years ago, Suceso Minas organizes an annual event called INFORUSO where 1000 participants, including government officials, CEO’s and CTO’s of the leading technology companies gather and discuss trends and technologies. The event features panels where CEO’s as well as young entrepreneurs are invited to share their experiences.


This year the intention is to focus the debate on Israel, the start-up nation, and the technologies developed in Israel that make the word a better place.


Selected Israeli panelists are invited to participate as panelists and get an opportunity to impress the Brazilian top Business and political leadership.


The INFORUSO event featured Israel for over 30 pages in the last edition of its magazine (link to digital version).


Renowned panelists in the last few years include Ex president of Mexico VICENTE FOX QUESAD CEO’s of local companies such as GOL Airlines, Country managers of Google Brazil, renowned economic reporters, such as Miriam Leitao and many more.


This year the event will be held at Bradesco Theater in Belo Horizonte on October 20th. The Israeli ambassador in Brasil will open the event, and the event is supported by Israel's Economic Mission in Rio de Janeiro.


Link to photos from previous events


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