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Sharona Durry,

Founder & Executive Director, PhillyIsrael

Improving the world

Founder of PhillyIsrael -- building an active Israeli-American community, creating and maintaining a bridge with the larger Jewish community, and providing a viable and sustained connection with the State of Israel.



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



PhillyIsrael is a charitable, nonprofit organization founded in 2005 in the Greater Philadelphia area.


PhillyIsrael has developed a unique niche, as the sole organization dedicated to advancing, developing, and delivering Israeli cultural, educational, and social programming for all ages.


PhillyIsrael organizes and promotes community events and programs highlighting Israel through its weekly newsletter, social media, and its website. 


Programs for Children

Chavaya Israelit: This program enhances students’ knowledge of the Jewish and Israeli holidays through stories, songs, games, arts & crafts, and parties conducted for the whole family to grow, engage, and connect to Israel as the Jewish homeland. The program is developed for Hebrew speaking children ages 2-10 years old, divided by age group.


Siputron: The Siputron program features story-telling of classic Israeli children’s literature and a puppet show. It allows young Hebrew speaking children ages 2-6 to connect with their culture and language. The program continues with songs, dance, and arts & crafts activities.


Israeli Children Play: This is PhillyIsraels annual theater program from Israel.


Partnership Educational Programs 

Sifriyat Pijama B’America: This partnership with the Israeli American Council aims to enhance knowledge and affinity to Jewish values from a young age by reading together and discussing books from a Jewish perspective as a family.


Kahot Lavan: This Hebrew school for Israeli children is a partnership with Congregation Or Shalom.


Mishelanu IAC: In partnership with the Israeli American Council, Mishelanu IAC is a national campus program that provides a home for Israeli-American college students in order to strengthen and maintain their identity through culture, language, heritage, and a strong connection to Israel


Programs for Adults

Israeli Concerts & Theatre: Idan Raichel, Guri Alfi, Sarit Hadad, Rami Klienstein, Hadag Nahash, Inbal Pinto Dance Company, Zeev Revach, and more.


Lectures & Social Events: Monthly programs include a women’s networking & empowerment and business forum and a tribute to Israeli artists and Israeli authors. Lectures include Israeli Film Reviews, an Israel-American Parenting workshop, an Israeli Sing-a-Long, holiday parties, and more.


Community-Wide Israel Events: PhillyIsrael regularly sponsors, actively supports, and participates in ceremonies, colidarity rallies, and festivals -- all intended to bring together Israelis and Americans within the Greater Philadelphia region.




Telephone: 740-538-0704

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