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Founded in 2006, ElMindA's mission is to revolutionize the management of brain disorders and brain injuries by transforming state-of-the-art neuroscience into bed-side clinical care. The goal is to better understand and visualize the network complexity of brain function, dysfunction, disease progression, and response to therapeutic interventions. 


Because the human brain is so complex, blood tests, patient questionnaires, and imaging are of limited value for diagnosing some brain disorders and injuries or documenting the effects of treatment. ElMindA's Brain Network Activation technology ("BNA") allows high-resolution visualization and evaluation of the neuro-physiological interconnections of the human brain at work.


As a patient sits at a computer for 15 to 30 minutes performing a specific task many times, a 64-electrode wearable cap takes non-invasive recordings of multi-channel EEG event-related potentials. Based on the neural pathways that are activated, BNA creates a three-dimensional map of brain activity. 


For diagnosis, a patient's brain activity map can be compared to the maps of other patients. Headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, ElMindA is gathering data on normal brain activity as well as the brain activity of patients with brain disorders and brain injuries. The more data ElMindA gathers, the more that clinicians will be able to diagnose abnormal versus normal brain network activation patterns. 


To celebrate Israel’s 67th birthday, Israeli crowdfunding platform OurCrowd announced ElMindA as its 67th investment.


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