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In the event of natural or man-made disasters, governments, companies, and institutions need to deliver personalized mass alerts and notifications to millions of people at once. eVigilo draws on Israel's history of navigating unique security challenges to build a class-leading mass-alert platform for the world. eVigilo's advanced technology enables the distribution of alerts and notifications simultaneously across multiple channels such as television, radio, the Internet, cell phones, billboards, and sirens. 


eVigilo demonstrated its value by improving the government response to earthquakes in Chile. During the 2010 Chilean earthquake, the country's infrastructure for spreading warnings was crippled. In 2014, eVigilo helped the Chilean government respond rapidly when another earthquake struck. Using eVigilo, the government sent pinpoint alerts to more than 200,000 tsunami zone residents, leading to their safe evacuation. 


eVigilo's advanced multi-channel alert system saves lives.


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