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HIL Applied Medical is pioneering efforts to beat cancer with advanced proton beam therapy. The company is developing a new class of ultra-compact, high-performance proton therapy systems. 



In the past, proton therapy systems have been prohibitively expensive and too great of a logistical challenge to build. Due to the high cost and large size of the technology, only three percent of cancer patients in the U.S. receive proton therapy treatment despite the treatment's known positive effects. Creating a proton therapy facility can cost hundreds of millions of dollars and require as much space as a football field. 


HIL aims to break the cost barrier and shrink the size of proton therapy systems, making proton therapy widely accessible. The company's patented approach to particle acceleration and beam delivery combines nano-technology with ultra-high-intensity lasers and ultra-fast magnets. These technological breakthroughs enable meaningful reduction in the size, complexity, and cost of proton therapy systems, without compromising clinical utility.


The goal is to enable, for the first time, a single-room add-on proton therapy solution that is truly cost-effective.

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