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Headquartered in Ra’ananna, Israel, PulmOne Advanced Medical Devices Ltd. is reimagining traditional lung function testing. The company is a leading innovator in patient-friendly, portable pulmonary function testing. Its MiniBox™ provides a novel solution for clinicians to measure lung volumes, including total lung capacity and residual volume, without requiring a body chamber or external gas sources.  The desktop design of the MiniBox makes it well-suited to allow the performance of complete lung function testing in the office and community settings. 


The MiniBox has a CE Mark and an FDA 510K clearance. The device is intended to measure lung function in adult and pediatric patients while at rest (including spirometry and lung volumes) and may be used by a physician, a respiratory therapist, or a technician. PulmOne is transforming the diagnosis and identification of lung diseases by empowering physicians to use complete lung function testing in their offices and the community, improving the patient experience and potentially outcomes.

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