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Henry J. Charrabé, President and CEO, RWL Water, LLC

Improving the world

Offering global solutions for desalination, water, wastewater, waste-to-energy, recovery & reuse, and food & beverage processing



New York, NY


Place of Birth

Berlin, Germany



Instrumental to the expansion of RWL Water, more than doubling its revenue in less than a year through strategic acquisitions and organic growth.


Created integrated sales structure in North America, South America, Australia, and Europe and established partnership agreements in other strategic territories and industries.


Israel Favorites

History, phenomenal memories, the Tel Aviv University student dormitories, shawarma, and some very close friends

RWL Water

Founded by Ronald S. Lauder, RWL Water was established with a vision to become the leading global water, wastewater, and reuse solutions provider in the middle market.  


RWL Water provides leading edge sustainable solutions by deploying an internationally experienced team. Its global staff is comprised of sales, service, technical, and engineering professionals who are dedicated to achieving their clients' economic and operational goals.


RWL Water has designed and built more than 7,000 plants for clients on all seven continents – in deserts and mountains, icy regions, seashores, and riverside communities. The company has a reputation for innovative engineering and fast deployment to meet the needs of clients around the world.


With over 90 years of combined operational experience and attention to energy savings, RWL Water has developed state-of-the-art applications and cost-effective solutions for municipalities and clients in the oil and gas, food & beverage, power, mining & metals, and agriculture industries.


Company website:

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