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Daniel Sarfati, Founder and CEO, Applango

Improving the world

"Fitbit for Salesforce" mines intranet big data for better management.


Secret of success:

Realized Israel needed a marketer who speaks six languages more than it needs an additional Industrial Engineer.


Realized that to manage an enterprise process when everything happens “in the Cloud” is no different than any other industrial process. We need to measure and set goals for optimization.


Relationships: It’s all about people. I am lucky to have the board members, the shareholders, and the partner I have.



Born: Milan, Italy

Lived: 20 Years in Israel

Current: Stamford, Connecticut



Funded by OurCrowd before OurCrowd existed. One of the few companies that have passed OurCrowd's rigorous requirements for investment. Recipient of State of Connecticut grant and investment from Israel Chief Scientist


Israel favorites

Italian and Curacao synagogues recreated in Israel Museum. Best hummus in the world at Abu Hassan, Yafo.






Applango Offers New Look into SaaS Usage to Help Organizations Get a True Return on Investment 


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