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Sight Diagnostics

Jerusalem-based Sight Diagnostics is creating low-cost computer-driven technology for the blood test market. The company's detection technology combines cutting-edge applications from the fields of computer hardware, software, and biology to deliver the fastest and most accurate diagnostic performance. Sight Diagnostic's flagship product, the Parasight platform, detects and identifies malaria more accurately than all other currently used diagnostics. 


The core of the Parasight is a low-cost, fully automated flourescent microscope that is capable of providing rapid and high quality flourescent images using advanced scanning technologies. The device uses unique vision-based algorithms and proprietary software to scan stained blood samples and identify the differences between blood components and blood anomalies. For the malaria application, the Parasight device, when used with the malaria staining reagents, relies on principles of operation that were designed to mimic common practice (microscopy) in a rapid, accurate, and consistent fashion. In the future, Sight Diagnostic's platform technology will be used to identify additional anomalies in blood and body fluids. The device is the size of an office printer.

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