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Social Finance Israel

Social Finance Israel is a financial intermediary chaired by Sir Ronald Cohen that aims to provide both social and financial returns to investors.


Social Finance Israel issues social-financial products, such as Social Impact Bonds, in order to raise new capital for the most effective not-for-profit organizations in Israel, tackling the country’s most pressing social and economic issues, while delivering monetary returns to investors.


There are currently over 15,000 active not-for-profit organizations in Israel, most of whom are largely funded by overseas philanthropy. In recent years, however, foreign private donations have fallen and many Israel not-for-profits are facing severe long-term financial problems. While not-for-profits have increasingly looked to the government as a source of future funding, international experience has shown that new tools and financial mechanisms must be created to attract new capital to the social sector.


The aim of Social Finance Israel is to leverage the global success of the international Social Finance organization for Israel's benefit. Social Finance Israel is attracting new capital to the Israeli social sector through the creation and issuance of Social Impact Bonds and other innovative social securities. These efforts fund not-for-profits that are tackling critical social issues, allowing them to access capital markets by offering monetary and social returns to investors.


To view a recent presentation outling Social Finance Israel's background, mission, and future, please click the title page below:

Dedicated to finding ways to raise capital through robust investment propositions, Social Finance Israel is committed to driving social-financial innovation by designing investment products that deliver measurable social and financial return. 


Established in 2013, Social Finance Israel is staffed by individuals with substantial expertise in finance, strategy consultancy, government, and the social sector. Social Finance Israel combines a deep understanding of social issues with expertise in financial modeling, business case development, and investment structuring.


To help build the Israeli social investment market, Social Finance Israel provides a range of financial advisory services.

Social Finance Israel also has a broad range of research and advisory capabilities with which to enhance understanding and engagement with the social investor market.


With the creation of Social Impact Bonds, Social Finance Israel is leading social-financial innovation to drive innovative, sustainable, and scalable investment propositions that tackle the most pressing social and economic issues that Israel faces today.


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