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Dr. Gideon Stein

Chief Research Scientist, Mobileye

Improving the world

Revolutionizing your safe driving experience by developing advanced collision avoidance technology, including autonomous driving.



HQ: Jerusalem



Dr. Stein was a research scientist at the Artificial Intelligence laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology until March 1999. Dr. Stein received his Ph.D. from MIT in February 1998 and his M.Sc. from MIT in 1993, both in the field of computer vision. His expertise is in the areas of multiple-view geometry, visual motion estimation and photogrammetry.



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Mobileye's EyeQ® collision avoidance technology detects vehicles, pedestrians, animals, driving lanes, and potential obstructions. EyeQ also identifies and reads traffic signs and traffic lights. 


Using sophisticated vision algorithms, EyeQ can interpret a scene in real-time and provide drivers with an immediate analysis. EyeQ's warning system operates at a high level of performance but with low energy and low cost.

Automakers are now adopting EyeQ into their rapidly expanding safety feature applications. Currently, EyeQ's warning system is available in 160 car models from 18 car manufacturers, including the 7-series BMW. By 2016 EyeQ's warning system will be available in 237 car models from 20 manufacturers. The technology is embedded in approximately 3.3 million vehicles. 

Mobileye is already developing the next evolution of driver assisted system technology: autonomous driving. This will be the first system capable of hands-free driving at highway speeds and in congested traffic situations.


Mobileye’s technology is saving lives and revolutionizing the driving experience.  


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