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Dr. Tal Steinherz, CTO,

Israel National Cyber Bureau

Improving the world

Protecting Israel and the free world from cyber attacks. Advancing Israel's position as a center of information technology development, and at the same time encouraging cooperation among academia, industry, the private sector, government offices, and the security community.


“Developed countries need national defense. The role of the state is manufacturing an ecosystem that will build the foundations to make this infrasturcture happen and thrive. An academy that will operate in the cyber world is necessary in the long run. The National Cyber Bureau, alongside the ministry of science and the Planning and Budget Committee of the ministry of education, is making quite an effort to bring the academy up to speed in this field, and we are assisting in creating research centers while continuing our long term plan to bring depth into it. In a few years, the state and the universities will produce a critical mass in cyber, that will put Israel at the scientific front.”



HQ: Jerusalem



Israel's profits from hightech and cyber technology are approximately five percent of the global market. Israeli exports related to hightech and cyber technology reached $3 billion for the year 2013, more than every other country in the world other than the United States. 


Given Israel's small size--there are only 8 million Israelis compared to more than 300 million Americans--being second in the world in exporting cyber products is an incredible feat. According to Dr. Steinherz, “as far as industry goes, Israel is a superpower indeed.” 


Israel's investment in cyber defense has many benefits. “The state has a role in encouraging innovation," Dr. Steinherz has stated, “and it is also true regarding cyber. Building cyber defense may lead to increase in both economic and technological strength. We can achieve these goals if we manage to harness our advantages in the cyber market, that is estimated today at 60 billion USD and is set to double in 3-4 years.”



Israel National Cyber Bureau

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