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Surgical Theater

Surgical Theater develops software that combines the science of flight simulation with advanced CT/MRI imaging technology to allow surgeons to perform a 3D simulation of surgery before the actual operation. The company's Surgery Rehearsal Platform (SRP) is uniquely positioned as the only commercial, patented, and FDA cleared platform for cerebral and spine pre-surgery rehearsal on the market.


Use by surgeons of virtual reality and simulators is a cost-efficient method of improving outcomes and minimizing risks in complex surgeries. The SRP converts patient-specific CT/MRI scans into a 3D model that can be manipulated by surgeons in a virtual environment that simulates real life surgery. By offering surgeons many different viewing angles and a wide variety of built-in tools, the SRP helps surgeons make critical choices prior to the surgery. These choices include selection of implants (e.g., the size/shape of an aneurysm clip) and the orientation of the cut, thereby reducing the amount of time and resources wasted in the operating room and increasing the likelihood of success.



Surgical Theater has been granted a wide patent with numerous claims on the various innovations in the SRP, ensuring strong protection of the company's intellectual property. The SRP was cleared by the FDA in early 2013, and the approval places no limitation on the type of surgery for which the SRP software may be used (e.g., cerebral, spine, cardio, and orthopedia).


Surgical Theater’s founders have extensive experience in the Israeli Airforce’s (IAF) flight simulation program. Moty Avisar (CEO and co-founder) was an officer in the IAF and has 20 years of experience leading large scale R&D flight simulator projects. Alon Geri (VP Engineering and co-founder) is also an ex-IAF R&D Officer and was a senior software engineer for the IAF.


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