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The Syqe Inhaler is the world’s first precision metered-dose inhaler for the multi-billion dollar medical cannabis market.


Medical cannabis has struggled for adoption by physicians, despite consensus on its various benefits in treating conditions such as pain, nausea, gastro-intestinal disorders, and numerous other indications. Current cannabis prescriptions are commonly accompanied by instructions such as "take 2 puffs of a cannabis cigarette," but behavioral and physiological differences among patients (e.g., differences in inhalation or metabolism) result in inconsistent treatment, often leading to psychoactivity or lack of therapeutic effect. Existing delivery methods fail to address this issue and offer patients limited efficacy, suboptimal safety, and delayed onset.


Syqe has developed the patented Syqe Inhaler, a medically certified, multi-patented, pocket-sized, metered-dose cannabis inhaler. The inhaler vaporizes the exact amount of cannabis needed before releasing it to the patient, resulting in consistent, effective, rapid, safe, psychoactively-controlled symptom relief.  These features create a medical-grade cannabis delivery platform, giving physicians the added assurance needed to prescribe cannabis as a standardized drug.


The Syqe Inhaler addresses one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. In 2014, the legal cannabis market in the U.S. was $2.7 billion. It is projected to reach $10.8 billion by 2019. The industry has attracted strong interest from investors. In 2013 and 2014, 60 investments were made in the North American cannabis industry, growing 941.5% year on year. Angel investors, venture capital funds, private equity funds, and public markets have all come together to create a young but healthy financial ecosystem to support cannabis companies across all stages of their lifecycle. 

Syqe is led by an expert management team. The head of Syqe is Perry Davidson, co-founder and former CEO of the largest medical cannabis production & supply company in Israel, who has nine years of experience in controlled substance regulation and state implementation. He is joined by James Amihood, the firm's GM with 25 years of senior management experience at global health companies, and a multi-disciplinary team of electrical and mechanical engineers, industrial designers, chemists, biologists, physicians, and pharmacologists. Syqe’s board is led by Dr. Eytan Hyam M.D., former Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Health, former Director General of the Soroka and Assuta Medical Centers, and former Director of Clalit HMO, Central District. 


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