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TaKaDu is a leading provider of Integrated Water Network Management, enabling water utilities to improve efficiency and make smarter decisions. Using advanced statistical and mathematical algorithms, TaKaDu harnesses utility data to detect and prevent leaks in water pipelines, translating the data into actionable insights and transforming the way water networks operate. 


TaKaDu’s software establishes a baseline of “normal behavior” within each network. The better the system understands normal patterns of water flow throughout the day, the more accurately it can detect aberrations that indicate a leak or burst. It knows that water flows are highest in mornings and evenings, before and after people are at work. It also considers local factors: At a Netherlands utility, for example, the system detected spikes of flow at regular intervals one Friday afternoon; it noticed that these patterns corresponded with breaks in play during a World Cup game between the Netherlands and Spain, when fans were flushing toilets. 


The TaKaDu solution offers a comprehensive decision-making platform that can be integrated across the utility -- from the analysts monitoring the network to the executive team considering long-term strategic investments -- leading to cost savings. For example, within a year of adopting the TaKaDu system, Unitywater in Melbourne, Australia, saved more than 1 billion liters of water. That translated into savings of more than $2 million. The utility also reduced the time it takes to repair problems in its network by more than 60 percent.


TaKaDu's solution is cloud-based, can be implemented within weeks, and can be integrated with various IT systems. It is currently deployed by water utilities in Europe, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The company's innovative approach has earned notable water industry commendations, including the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award and the 2013 Sustainia Award. The company was also featured as a Harvard Business Case Study.


TaKaDu is a founding member of SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum.


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