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Yaron Talpaz,

Vice President of International Operations for Maccabi Tel Aviv

Basic stuff

Born in the US, grew up in Israel, bleeding white and blue and also ‘God bless America’.


Went from computer engineering in the IDF’s prestigious Mamram school, to my passion: Sports. Then back to the start-up high tech stuff and now again in sports.


Covered the NBA for the Israeli Sports Channel, managed all programming, digital and acquisitions of the channel, re-located to New York to work for mobli, a social media platform and then joined Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball club to open an office in New York.



Instead of interviewing people for jobs – just go play basketball or run with them. You’ll learn 90% of what you need to know.


World would be better if we all watch and do more sports.


Money is important to get things done. 


Wouldn’t say no to a max contract with the Sixers. I might actually get some playing time there. Who wouldn’t want a 5’ 9”, 150 pound, 43 year old who can run up & down the court without needing a breather?


Israel Favorites

Shalom Hanoch, Omri Casspi, Gal Mekel, David Blatt, Gal Gadot, Shahar Peer, Menahem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, and some who the older guys might know: Amos Mansdorf, Mickey Berkowitz, Oded Katash, Nadav Henefeld, Yael Arad, Oren Smadga.


More Israeli favorites 

Real Hummus, real pita (it’s actually Pitot because it’s never just one Pita), Israeli Salad, Jahnoon, Winter in Israel, Eilat, Mount Hermon, Tel Aviv.

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