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Mark Gazit, CEO, ThetaRay


Improving the world

Protecting critical industrial networks from cyber attacks using Hyper-Dimensional Big Data Analytics™



HQ: Tel Aviv



First backed by Jersualem Venture Partners, ThetaRay also gained substantial investments from Poalim Capital Markets (a subsidiary of Bank HaPoalim) and General Electric.


ThetaRay is a cyber-security firm that uses patented algorithms to protect high-value industry and infrastructure including nuclear power plants, transportation systems, and water and electrical grids. 


The company's Hyper-Dimensional Big Data analytics platform detects and prevents sophisticated cyber-attacks such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and Zero-Day attacks.

An APT is a set of covert and continuous computer hacking processes that target a specific organization or nation for business or political motives. APTs are often orchestrated with great stealth over a long period of time. A Zero-Day attack targets an undiscovered flaw in a software program and then implants malicious code, giving a hacker access to the selected user’s privileged information. Zero-Day attacks are especially problematic because each one is unique and tailored to exploit a specific software vulnerability, making the attacks more difficult to detect.

Founded by Professors Amir Averbuch of Tel-Aviv University and Ronald Coifman of Yale, ThetaRay uses its patented alogrithms to find and stop hackers from breaching the security of high-value targets like banks, utilities, or governments. ThetaRay's Hyper-Dimensional Big Data analytics platform works by unifying threat detection across all the data sources that an organization can collect. The data is analyzed in parallel, resulting in automatic anomaly alerts that help teams hone in on the first signs of a cyber attack -- as well as silent operational faults such as equipment malfunctions or misconfigurations. 


ThetaRay's technology is fully automated and does not require supervision. It spots attacks that are overlooked by other cyber defense products, and it achieves unprecedented detection rates with few false alarms.


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