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Trusteer delivers a holistic cybercrime prevention platform that helps protect organizations against financial fraud and data breaches. Founded in Israel in 2006, the company was acquired in September 2013 by IBM for $1 billion.


Hundreds of organizations and hundreds of millions of end users rely on IBM Security Trusteer solutions to protect their web applications, computers, and mobile devices from online threats. The company blocks online threats from advanced malware and phishing attacks while investigating their source to mitigate future attacks. Threat protection systems protect corporations by pre-emptively securing employee endpoints against information-stealing malware. Organizations receive immediate alerts whenever a new threat is launched against them or their customers. 


In addition, a dedicated, advanced research team conducts global intelligence to enable security systems to be easily deployed and then to be rapidly adapted to emerging threats. Information is received from the 30,000,000 users and hundreds of organizations who have installed the platform of products. Analyzing this information allows the team to prevent the root cause of fraud, reduce the operational impact of fraud, improve the end users’ experience, and provide real-time threat intelligence service.


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